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At Outsourcenext.com we work with our clients to deliver user focused design which deliver higher rate of conversion and increase the user engagement on the website.

Before starting with the project we will send you a complete project detail showcasing the specific requirement of site, project starting and delivering date as well as all the detail of website framework and time frame for website feedback and approval on each stage of the website.

Success of any website highly depends on its uses. Unless you do not get visitors to your website you will be unable to create any value out of your website. The answer to the user focused design is the ability of knowing what your customers want and delivering them exactly that. In short, your site should be able to answer the users question or help in them on first instance..

A user Focused design helps in:

  • Created repeat visitors
  • More referring traffic
  • More inbound link to your site
  • Low Bounce rate and higher conversion
  • Create an all-around positive vibe on your website.

We highly recommend our customers to focus on your customers need than to just make money from website. A user focused design won’t decrease the ROI of your website but increase it and more over will increase the interaction of users with your site.

When developing a site you need to make sure that the site is designed for actual human beings rather than just for search engines. We understand a website needs to search engine friendly but it should to focus more on user interaction. Create a site that is only focused on organic search engine traffic but is less user focused will increase the overall bounce rate and decrease the ROI in longer term.

Here are few areas which we focus on while designing the user focused design.

The main element of your website should be the content. Having great content on your site that answers the users question is to key to success for any website. Before starting with the site you need to know what is the key problem that your website will solve. If you are artists then you need to have your portfolio and sample artwork right upfront on the website. If you are running an e-commerce store then you need to have the products on the very front page.

Once a user comes to your site he/she should be able to contact with 2 clicks. If a user has to dig deep into your site to find your contact information then he is going to your competitor within seconds. Whatever method you choose for communication, it is required that it should be upfront and easy to find.

Easy to use and non-confusing navigation is the key to a great site. Complicated and hard navigation will only increase the bounce rate of your site. If a user has to work hard to go through your site then chance are higher the user will leave the site immediately, never to come again. A general rule is that each page of your website should be only 2-3 clicks away from your homepage.

There are lots of factor that can distract your target users. A user focused design has less advertisement, less flashing content, color pattern which does not eyes and audio or video which does not plays unless a prompted by a user.

Besides these, fonts, color, layout, images also affects a user so to have an overall user focused design it is required to focus on all of these aspect.

We at Outsourcenext.com do take care of the entire user requirement while creating a website. Please do check our services and design process and do contact us if you require any help or information.

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